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TraIT QMS-CS: compliant security for health research IT

TraIT, sustainable Infrastructure for Translational Biomedical Research required a quality management system for the federated organisation. By integrating ISO9001, ISO27001 and FitSM, a comprehensive solution was built.

The Translational Research IT (TraIT) project has developed and implemented a long-lasting IT infrastructure for translational research projects in the Netherlands that facilitates the collection, storage, analysis, and archiving of  data generated in biomedical research projects.

For this environment, was asked to develop in 2015-2016 a tailor-made quality management system for compliant security, integrating required elements from ISO9001, ISO27001 and FitSM.

'De dienstverlening van Huib is gepassioneerd. Hij is in staat geweest een goede structuur aan te brengen in de kwaliteitsborging voor een complex samenwerkingsverband rondom health research IT. Kwaliteit van de opgeleverde resultaten was goed. Er werd zeer prettig samengewerkt in een open, transparante relatie. Huib zegt waar het op staat.' Jan-Willem Boiten, program manager Lygature

Following a compliance level analysis, definitions, policies, responsibilities, IT service management processes, security procedures etc. were documented in a Sharepoint environment, with supporting document workflows, accessible for the federated service provider organizations.

In parallel, the legal structure was adapted to provide for solid relations and agreements.

Several presentations and instructions marked the start of the implementation from 2017 onwards.

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